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ZPlug Boost

ZPlug Boost is a wireless Power Outlet which can be switched On/Off by Zigbee™ protocol.

ZPlug Boost can commute 16A devices on 220V/230V.

ZPlug Boost measures the instantaneous power and cumulated consumption of the connected device.

User can configure the reporting of consumption with a Zigbee™ manager (cf. CleoBee™)

ZPlug Boost is a Zigbee™ router with an amplified signal up to +20 dBm. Then, with it, you can expand the network to cover your entire house.

Key features

  • Can commute 220V device up to 16A
  • Instantaneous and cumulated consumption measuring
  • Zigbee™ router with amplified signal
  • Network association Switch
  • Compliant with the Stack Pro 2007 "Home Automation" Public Profile

Technical Data

Weight 160g
Power Supply 220V/230V french standard
Color White
Commutation Up to 16A on 220V
Accuracy Measurement ±1 % of full scale
Output power up to +20 dBm


normes CE Meets European consumer safety, health and environmental requirements
Meets the Home Automation Public Profile standards established by Zigbee alliance